Fiber products are created with virgin fibers deriving from plants (wood / sugar cane). The cellulose pulp is 100% natural and completely biodegradable.
Products offered by the DOpla Group are compostable in compliance with the EN 13432 standard.
DOpla Group is a pioneer in the use of these materials for the production of tableware and food containers and adopts exclusive proprietary technologies for the processing of natural fibers, thanks to which it is able to produce two-layer and two-color products in Europe of high technical quality, for applications in the tableware field as well as in the food packaging field.
Round, square, rectangular and oval plates, bowls, trays and special multi-compartment formats of various sizes and capacities, available in formats suitable for different applications. All this articulate a complete range of products to fully satisfy the needs of domestic and / or domestic use. professional.
The products offered by DOpla Group are suitable for containing dishes with temperatures up to 90 ° C for 15 minutes, they can be used in the freezer and to heat food in the oven (max 100 ° C for 30 minutes) or in the microwave (max 800W for 2 minutes) and, at the end of use, they can be disposed of together with the organic waste unless otherwise indicated at the disposal site.
The dishes produced in cellulose pulp, a material of vegetable origin made with fibers deriving from wood processing, are the result of an eco-sustainable design.
DOpla Green reflects the natural soul of DOpla and realizes its commitment to sustainability.
DOpla Green tableware, as biodegradable, can be disposed of in the organic fraction, in compliance with the provisions dictated by the municipality to which they belong.
The entities of DOpla Group have long adopted ISO 9001 Quality Systems, assessed and approved by primary Certification Bodies. They have passed the BRC certifications which guarantee the criteria of Quality, Safety and Legality of products and processes.
The cellulose pulp products are Ok Compost certified by Tuv Austria according to the criteria set by EN 13432.
Check the provisions of your municipality and respect the environment!