Among the biopolymers with low environmental impact on the market, the DOpla Group has carefully selected those products that best meet the needs of pleasant and sustainable table furniture.
All the products made by the DOpla Group with biopolymers are subject to the certifications that certify their compostibility according to the EN 13432 standard.
For responsible use, it is advisable to dispose of the products in the organic unless otherwise indicated in the place of disposal.

Plates and glasses of various sizes and capacities and cutlery allow you to compose pleasant coordinated ranges of biopolymer products to meet the needs of domestic and / or professional use.
The right product for each application: The technical characteristics of the products are detailed on the packaging tin order to be used consciously and aware. While the festivity line in red is dedicated for PLA products, for all the other biopolymers ivory color emphasizes the naturalness of the material in a unique way.
The entities of Gruppo DOpla have long adopted ISO 9001 Quality Systems, assessed and approved by leading Certification Bodies. They have passed the BRC certifications which guarantee the criteria of Quality, Safety and Legality of products and processes. The biopolymer products are Ok Compost certified by Tuv Austria according to the criteria set by EN 13432.