Mater-Bi® has a particular importance for DOpla Group, among the biopolymers widespread on the market, so as to justify the articulation of a range of mono-material products for a wide range of applications in the tableware as well as in the food sector packaging.

With characteristics completely similar to traditional plastics, Mater-Bi® is biodegradable and compostable according to the EN 13432 standard, making it a versatile and sustainable alternative to traditional polymers.

The possibility of pleasantly coloring products made of Mater-Bi® through certified Masters allows DOpla Group to offer at the launch a range designed to testify the natural characteristics of the products (white-ivory, yellow-straw, green-savannah), and at the same time to fulfill the more traditional celebratory functions (red, pink, blue).

Round plates of various sizes, cups in colors and soon also cutlery represent the pillar of a potentially unlimited range of products made of Mater-Bi® to fully satisfy the needs of domestic and / or professional use.
Like the products, the packaging is also made of Mater-Bi® in order to allow responsible disposal at the end of use in organic waste unless otherwise indicated at the place of disposal. The primary packages clearly contain the indications regarding the date by which to use the products.

The DOpla Group has exclusively dedicated its Italian production sites to the Mater-Bi® production. The possibility of using the same technologies adopted for the processing of traditional plastic allows a multi-localization of the productions, to ensure the best level of service (timeliness of delivery and reduction of supply risks) to the customers of the DOpla Group.

The entities of the DOpla Group have long adopted ISO 9001 Quality Systems, assessed and approved by leading Certification Bodies. They have passed the BRC certifications that guarantee the criteria of Quality, Safety and Legality of products and processes.

Mater-Bi® products are Ok Compost certified by Tuv Austria according to the criteria set by EN 13432.