Products designed and developed to meet everyday needs, for many days. The use of high quality materials and 100% recyclables makes this range of products versatile and certified for an use which lasts over time.
The range of reusable products of the DOpla Group uses certified raw materials of polystyrene and polypropylene to provide high mechanical strength and a high weight that allows them to be reused.
According to the applicable EN 12875 standard, the products have been tested with repeated washing in the dishwasher. The sense of the DOpla Group's commitment towards reusable PP / PS products is to combine the practicality of the products (hygiene and unbreakability) with the opportunity to activate virtuous circuits of circular economy, which in the case of correct reuse and recycling of raw materials are still more eco-compatible in terms of Life Cycle Assessment of environmental impact than other materials.
To this end, for responsible use it is clearly suggested on the packaging to dispose of products no longer usable in the separate collection of plastic.
The entities of DOpla Group have long adopted ISO 9001 Quality Systems, assessed and approved by leading Certification Bodies.

They have passed the BRC certifications which guarantee the criteria of Quality, Safety and Legality of products and processes.

They subjected the reusable products to the certifications from time to time suitable to exclude them from the European Single Use Plastics directive (Dir. Eu 2019/904) and from the main national applications.
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